My Half of the Conversation

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My Half of the Conversation - Doris Markland

If there's one thing that's had a bad rap it's age. Few people speak of it as something to look forward to, yet seniors shudder at the thought of being young again. Isn't it wonderful how things work out? This author admits that once she learned she could sit down without guilt she sat down a lot. From her chair she looks back on the day she spoke out of turn in first grade, and on college assignment made a big blunder in church. She declined three brilliant job opportunities at twenty, but found her voice years later. Now, on her blog, she writes for "sharp older people and their middle-aged kids' and in the last two years she has published two books.

Known for her easy flow of words, Mrs. Markland has the rare ability to speak lightly yet sincerely about some of life's deepest and most challenging questions. Have we lived before? Will we be judged and sent to heaven or hell? Will we live again? As we clean out our closets can we clean out our minds? Is there anyone exactly like you? Are you spiritual or are you religious?

Scattered throughout her writing are insights to help searchers find their path, recognize a desire or purpose in life, and organize themselves to fulfill it. It is never too late, she believes, and at 92 she indeed is the good example. Her true stories describe a life of learning and a search leading to the understanding that life is a school where we learn and grow... as souls with bodies, not bodies with souls.