The Caged Heart

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The Caged Heart - Karen Voborny

Thanks to the advances in availability of information, we know much more these days about the incidences of Domestic Violence. We know that it isn't merely the physical but also the mental, sexual and emotional control of one person over another. In this book the author goes through her entries in her "abuse Journal". A secret diary she kept of the pain and suffering that was inflicted upon her by the man who swore to love, honor and cherish her so long as he lived. She speaks candidly of the emotional torture she put herself through for well over 20 years before she found the strength to end it. She has bared her soul in this book in the hopes that it will help at least one abused woman see the way out. She states that she didn't know why she had to write these things down, just that something told her it was necessary. This is a very gripping tale of what happens inside the mind of a long term victim of abuse. You will be riveted right through to the end.